Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Madness

'Mondays Madness' by HilltopPottery

Everything in this treasury made me go hmmmm ( in a great way )after doing this I am ready to start my monday everone have a great day

Floral Beauty No 2 - di...

Her Open Mind, Fine Art...

People on the Couch &qu...

Hello, My Friend

Small Shorties & Ooga T...

Cupcake Undies S, M ,L...

Quill and Wheel red tig...

Assorted Filigree Stamp...

Turquise Pinky Earring...

Mixed Material Statemen...

Arising, Ceramic Figure...

Open Work with Leaves

The Goddess Voluptas 24...

Gwen Duda Original 24 i...

Beaded Statement Neckla...

Into The Ocean Kanzashi...

For Our Pounce Team!

I have recently joined Etsy's Pounce Team and because of that I have been included in this fabulous Treasury. My item is the "Sky Necklace." I was so happy to see that this item made it into a treasury, because I love the picture. It is one of my favorite items! And, this is one of my favorite treasuries! Enjoy! 

original abstract moder...

Custom Order. Baubles R...

Fall Beatnik Beaded Dan...

Paper Doily Bloom Penda...

Handmade Ornament Earr...

Cliché Princess - Hand...

Sweetpea Princess Glass...

Beautiful Handmade Gift...

Upcycled City Girl Carg...

Blooming Lotus Necklace...

Pink Begonias - 8x10 - ...

Sky Necklace

Autumn Leaf II - Limite...

Burrowing Owl

Crocheted Brown Afghan ...

Mystic topaz neclace

This treasury was created by PersonalDesignz

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Today is my 1 year anniversary of having a shop on Etsy! Yay! I cannot believe I have been on a whole year! I have done so many things within this year, and I would like to share some of them with you!

1) 47 sales:) (about one a week)
2) A twitter for my business
3) My very own blog!
4) Much better pictures for my items
5) I started with many new kinds of jewelry. When I started I was mainly making memory wire bracelets. But with in this year I have experimented with so many different kinds of jewelry. I'm always trying to teach my self new kinds of jewelry!
6) I have started my collections such as my Light Bulb Collection, my 2011 Spring Collection, and my very new Button Collection, which I will be blogging very soon, if not tomorrow.
7) OWL BUDDIES! My new owl buddies are very new  this year.
8) I have been included in two interviews: - This one was written by my best friend:) She is an excellent writer! And:
9) Going back to my Light Bulb Collection, I have created many all new Christmas earrings. What I would do is I would just by Small ornaments or little Christmas decorations, such as bells, and put them on earring hooks. They were huge sellers at my craft show! 
10) And last but not least, I have established my self on the Internet, which is a very satisfying feeling. I am now top results on google! I recently googled ebbead, E.B.Beads, and EBBeads and my blog, twitter, and shop were all in the results! So, I guess you could say my mission is complete. :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Spring Collection Part 2!

These are seven new items I am adding to my spring collection! i am very excited to share these with you! I love these and I really tried to put bright color in these pieces. One piece is a little darker, but I figured it still fit, because it kind of reminded me off the new vegetables and planting season. Only one of the new items have already been listed on Etsy, it is the Crystal and Pearl Necklace. To get to the item you can click on it's name, and it will take you straight to the item listing. The rest of them are 100% true Sneak Peaks! I will be coming out with six more items next week, which will conclude my spring collection. I will then start my 2011 Summer Collection in late May  or June! Enjoy :)

New Leaf Necklace
Crystal and Pearl Necklace

Three Black Eyed Peas Necklace
Daffodil Earrings 
Cherry Blossom Memory Wire
Pink Pearl Necklace 

Bronze Bow Tie Necklace