Monday, September 27, 2010

Owl Buddies 2

Do you all remember my Owl Buddies? (
Well, I sold every single on of them! Every single one! No suprize right? They are so cute! But now I have a new batch of them!

This is Harvest
This is Luna 

This is Bubble Gum

This Is Pumpkin

This is Parfait

If you like any of these guys email me at and I will set up a reserved listing on Etsy for you and email you all of the details. None will be more then $7 and, if you buy one you get it's best friend half off. For example if you buy Harvest for $5 you will get Pumpkin for $2 (originally $4) or if you buy Bubblegum for $6 you will get Parfait for $3 (originally $6). So take a look at all of these owls! 

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